Meet the Authors

1 girl. 5 spirits.

They say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. My name is Roxanne and I decided I needed a creative way to cover the 5 topics that are most important to me. So, I created the authors of The Unbound Book Club and I’m on a mission to bring them all to life.

Roxanne the Creative

Roxanne is the creator of The Unbound Book Club, a place where we can write our own stories, connect with people, look our fears dead in the eye and conquer life’s challenges! Roxanne the Creative is all about creativity, networking, passions, and dream building. She’s “the girl with a thousand interests.”

San the Traveler

San writes all things travel and adventure. She loves meeting new people and being introduced to new cultures and ideas. The unknown and the new excite her and she believes in the adventure. Aside from wanting to zip line across the world, San loves a great packing list, travel buddies, discovering local artists, museums, inspiring landmarks, and feeling the joy of life.

Sannie and Relationships

Sannie writes about relationships of all sorts. “We’re all connected” is her mantra and she focuses on nurturing those connections. Sannie has always believed in people and our ability to grow and evolve. She believes people can change if they want to and loves potential. We’re not meant to be alone in this world and Sannie is on a quest to understand unconditional love.

Dawn the Spiritual

Dawn shares her fearless faith and open mind. She trusts the God within us all and believes in the power of spiritual connection and creating a better world. For the first time in her life, she has invested more time and energy into connecting with God than ever before. Dawn believes God is Love and love is not exclusive to any group. She’s trying to live her faith and understand what that looks like.

Rox the Boss

Rox is a BIG personality, focused, and not slowing down any time soon. She shares her views on self-confidence & self-image, and keeps you motivated and inspired. Rox resides in the heart and has been waiting for her time to shine.