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Introducing the 5 authors of the Unbound Book Club to the world is something I’ve looked forward to since…the idea came to me, really! This and the next 4 posts will be all about the authors, our back stories, why we’re a part of the Book Club, and where we hope to go…

Roxanne the Creative

Live Life Unbound

I’m Roxanne. On the blog, I’m known as Roxanne the Creative. I started the blog, I planned the re-launch, and I had the idea to create the 5 authors.

Creativity has always seeped into everything I’ve done in life but I really didn’t feel confident in it or really understand how important creativity was in my life until I was about 25. People always told me I was creative and I did creative things like crafting, painting, drawing, baking, dance, etc. but I never felt like any of them were really my “thing” or that I was good enough at any one of those activities to pursue it professionally – except baking, I pursued that. I studied art in high school, minored in art in college, but still didn’t feel I was passionate enough about 1 thing to do it for the rest of my life. When I was 25 I went on ibooks and just searched “creativity”. I was looking for a book – maybe a “how to” book – or just any book that would inspire me to be creative. I stumbled upon a book called “The Artisan Soul” by Erwin McManus which actually is a catalyst for sooo much that’s going on in my current life. I didn’t know when I bought it that it was faith based but the book’s main point is that we are created by a creative Creator so we are innately and by design creative beings. It kind of puts into mind this idea that creativity is more of a mindset than a skill and when you approach it from that point of view, you can be creative no matter what your profession, environment, or position. THAT changed everything for me. It eased a lot of anxiety I had that I was “wasting” my gift, it reassured me that I can be creative even though I wasn’t expressing it in the way people wanted me to, and it boosted my confidence in my ability to be creative by allowing me to recognize all the ways I had already been creating. That book put into words so much of how I was feeling at the time and I ran with it and haven’t looked back since.

I think when you’re confident in your gifts and talents, it automatically moves you to action. Either you’re excited about it and want to take profound, assertive action or you’re confident enough to look past your fears and at least try. The recognition of your gifts helps define you. You present yourself as that. I am a creative. And that’s so powerful. It allows you to test your limits, challenge yourself, and pursue what you’ve always wanted. When I started calling myself a creative, I began describing myself as a creative, it’s a strength I talk about in job interviews, and on a personal level, it draws me out of my comfort zones and into living a full life. It gives me both my starting point and purpose. And the funny thing is a lot of times those gifts that truly define you have probably always been active in your life, you’re just now recognizing it! There’s times still when I’m at work and I come up with ideas and to me, it seems common sense but to other people its a great idea! But that recognition allows you to see all the ways you have already expressed that talent and stirs up confidence and in turn action and…joy!

When I originally started the blog it was inspired by this idea I had to get a group of my closest girlfriends together to create a support group. Each of the women that I invited to be a part of the group were picked for a very specific reason because I thought they brought something unique to the table. Fast forward a couple years and now we’re here! There’s pleeeenty of in-between story there but when I began the processes of re-launching the blog I ended up taking a blog course and in one of the sections, they stressed how important it was to have clear topics. During this time I also had an epiphany of a lifetime! It just hit me one day that I had spent my whole life looking for people to point me in the right direction, to guide me, to tell what to do and think. I realized that the specific reasons for picking those women were a way for me to learn from them. They each had something that I wanted to better in myself and in a way I admired them and wanted to be like them. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, you should surround yourself with people who make you better, but I wanted guidance. I wanted them to point me in my next direction. And then I had it!

“If I could create a book club of myself, what would I bring to the table? Why would I invite myself to be a part of the group?”

I thought about it all morning, got to work, and by lunch time had each persona penned out and given a name. I figured that creating 5 personas would be a fun and creative process but would also force me to step into them and actually bring them to life. I couldn’t just write about what “Rox” or “Dawn” would do, I have to actually live how they would live and make them real. By forcing myself to bring them to life, I would in turn be strengthening the parts of me that I want to grow into. The parts of me that I want to be known and admired for.

The first one created was The Creative. It was the identity I was and am most confident in and how I would describe myself to anyone who asked right now and that’s why this persona was given the name Roxanne. I’m listed as Roxanne the Creative but it’s more than just unique and artistic expressions. I believe in people’s dreams. I love collaboration and entrepreneurship, I like to support people’s passions and help them figure out ways to succeed. I think outside of the box, I have 100 interests, I like learning new things and anyone who acts out of passion intrigues me. The blog and podcast are a couple of my creative outlets. I hope through The Unbound Book Club I can be creative, present unique ideas, collaborate, support people who are passionate about what they do and create a space that allows everyone to be uniquely themselves.

Side note: One way I was creative AND supported dreams this week was by setting up a photo shoot for Roxanne with my friend and makeup artist Victoria. We hit some roadblocks and the sun wasn’t really here for the photo shoot that day, but we made it happen. That’s what we do. We roll with the punches and work with what we’ve got. Creativity. I hope you enjoy the pictures…there’s more to come. Thank you Victoria for being so helpful and helping me figure it out! 🙂

So tell us…
What parts of yourself to do you want to step into? What do you want to be known for? What do you bring to the Book Club?

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