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The “Soft Launch” for my Real Ones

Thank you sooo much for visiting The Unbound Book Club!

For the past 5 months or so I’ve been putting in the work and time and money to re-launching my blog. I bought my domain, re-designed it, and created a new approach to this blog so you being here and supporting means the world to me! The Official Re-Launch will be on my birthday, Monday, February 5th so please follow and share all the handles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Subscribe by using the cute little box on the right. (that’ll also let me know that it works šŸ™‚ )

You may or may not know the back story of The Unbound Book Club but in a nutshell, it was inspired by this idea I had to get a group of my closest girlfriends, who I hand picked, to get together a couple times a month (kind of like a book club) to talk about life, inspire, support, and just figure out life together. Fast forward to September of 2016 and I decided to take that idea to another level and be all inclusive and created The Unbound Book Club. I write all about it here but where I was then is NOT where I am now and The Unbound Book Club is coming back on a whole other level!

SO, what’s the big deal? Why the re-launch? What can you expect?!?!?

Back then, I was in the thick of TRANSITION and “Unbound” meant the realization that we aren’t bound to anything. All the things we’re used to or think are forever, aren’t. That’s still true but now I’m in the thick of DOING and “Unbound” means becoming unbound from all the fears and insecurities and outside noise that keeps us from living a life we love.

Back then I was bored. I wanted something fun to fill my time. Now, I write with PURPOSE and INTENTION. I want to make this a place of self-reflection, transformation, evolution, community, action, and eventually a place I can make a living off of. It’s all opportunity…

Back then it was a million thoughts and ideas being spewed out pretty inconsistently. Now you can expect a blog post every Monday with an audio version to go along it authored by 1 of 5 personas. (You can read a little about them on the right šŸ˜‰ ) There will be midweek inspirations on Wednesdays but Mondays are where it’s at and if you don’t like reading or don’t have time, catch the Unbound Podcast.

So go ahead and take some time to explore and follow! All my old posts are up so you can read them, share them, imagine the pictures that used to be there (they didn’t transfer over when I revamped :/), read a bit about Roxanne, San, Sannie, Dawn, and Rox, and get ready for the Official Re-Launch on FEBRUARY 5th!

I’m soooo beyond excited for what’s to come and even more excited to see where this will take not just me but anyone who is willing to join or start their own journey. Check back for the Official Launch where I’ll dive a little deeper into the inspiration behind the Unbound Book Club, how the authors were created, and what the future looks like for us! This is going to be amaaaziiiiing!!!

Be Light. Be a Light.
All love. Always.



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