Live Life Unbound, Rox The Boss

An Open Letter to Myself.


Stop tripping. You know I love you to death but this grey cloud that’s been following you around is not our friend! I mean yeah we like to cuddle and snuggle up and drink hot chocolate when it’s cold and gloomy but lets be real, you’re a spring time girl. Like, where did it even come from? In the words of the Govs, it needs to get up and get out.

You value honesty so lets be all the way real…
You’ve been through some sh*t. You literally have too many reasons to be some cold, bitter b word but you purposely worked to not be that girl because that’s the kind of person you are! You’re strong, you’re resilient; own it! Life hasn’t been easy and that doesn’t necessarily set you apart from anyone else but you’ve experienced things that, hopefully, others haven’t. You’ve learned to cope differently, you’ve learned to grow differently, you’ve learned to love differently, you’ve learned to live differently, you’ve learned to perceive things differently and THAT’S OKAY! Look, I know you value the input and opinions of those closest to you and really, don’t take for granted how much people care for you and want you to be happy but YOU know you best and you know what feels right. No matter how calculated of risks you do or do not take, you’re probably going to get hurt in some way shape of form and guess what, those people are going to be there anyway. Because love, that’s why. You’ve never been scared of a broken heart. And I know you wish everything worked out as imagined and you don’t like being hurt or disappointed but you don’t let that fear hold you back. You put yourself out there and you walk away from every situation knowing you tried your best. You give things, situations, people, 100% which could leave you vulnerable but could also open infinite doors of life. Live. Life. Fully.

And don’t doubt your smarts. You’re not stupid so don’t act like you approach things stupidly. Obviously you don’t want everything to blow up in your face so stop acting like you don’t know what the best options are. And if you really don’t know what the best option is at any given moment, chill out and figure it out. Maybe you wont have all the answers right away but life goes on, you evolve, and you LEARN. There’s no right way to life. Just when you think things are under “control” life happens or you change and both are perfectly fine. Let it happen. Which is another thing: stop trying to control everything. Like really, everything is going to work out. Let your hair down, do things you don’t expect, be honest, feel deeply, be uncomfortable a little bit, follow up on that dream job, let someone wine and dine you without feeling guilty, set some goals, keep planning your life, go to that dance class, just go with the flow. Some of the best things have happened to you when you least expected it! And Rox, PLEASE don’t ever stop loving the way you do. You’ve learned so much about love and relationships, they’ve been good and bad to you, but you always love hard and don’t ever ever EVER let yours or anyone else’s fears stop you from loving the way you do. So many people live in fear, and so do you sometimes, but you have this undying desire to know love in its truest form and you’re willing to go the distance to know it and THAT is a beautiful thing. Some people in this world are just as scared of love as they are of pain and hurt; keep showing them that love heals all. Love lives inside of you and everything real, don’t give up hope, don’t stop being an example of love, and don’t stop seeing the love around you.

You’re great! You’re a work in progress and I know it seems like nothing makes sense right now but you literally have so much to be grateful for, some much joy to share, and the world of possibilities ahead of you. You are a good human being surrounded by other good human beings in a world of goodness and can’t nobody be mad at that. Girl! Life is good. Life is freakin’ great! You’ve been through worse so this is just water off your back. You want all these good things to happen for you but you’ve been hanging out with grey cloud and no one wants to hang out with her! It’s not you! You choose your friends wisely because you know who you give your time and energy to and you like positive, inspirational people so get rid of grey cloud. You believe in people so deeply and you’re a great freakin’ friend. Believe in yourself like that. For real, for real. Get out there and handle your scandal and get what you deserve. Boss up. Like I said: you’re smart, you’re one of the most loyal and dependable people I know, you’re pretty freakin’ cool lol. Be excited again! People love that about you. They want the happy, optimistic, encouraging, courageous, strong, dry humored girl. Be you. Always. Every day. All day.

I love you infinitely.

Your Day One,

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