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#30DaysOfGratitude Day 11: #Peace

Day 11: #Peace

First of all, Happy Veteran’s Day! Second, Happy #FancyFriday!

Day 11 is all about peace so I decided to post early, tell you some ways I find peace, and spend the rest of the day enjoying my peace.

Finding peace is something I actively pursue. I’ve shared in previous posts that I’m a recovering worrier and my own worst critic and I’m sure we’re all in the same boat when I say life has its way with us all the time so when it comes to finding peace, I want it. lol And life really has been tossing us left and right, up and down, right side up and upside down since we were born whether we realize it or not. I’ve been through some sh*t but I’m more aware than ever that obtaining PEACE is 100% up to me. Everything around us can test us but how we feel inside is what matters. I look at it like one of those “you can feel upset but acting on it is a whole other story” situations. And, I think we all owe it to ourselves to find peace in our lives. During those moments that feel peaceful I also feel so much gratitude because they’re not always there and sometimes they are few and far between. But, I’ve been working on creating more peaceful moments in my life and here’s how..


It takes me a long time to finish a book. Reading actually puts me to sleep but when I do read, I like to read books that get me out of my mind and put me back into it with a different perspective. Sometimes they’re self help books, sometimes they’re fictional stories, and sometimes they’re not books at all. I love reading blogs and articles and reading other peoples stories. I think finding out that other people feel how I feel eases some stress or reading that someone handles situations better than I do is inspirational and that kind of thing gets me out of my worried, self-critical mind and into my optimistic and creative mind.


This blog really does wonders which makes me want to bop myself on the head when I’m not consistent with it. lol But writing has always been a part of my life. I’ve been writing poems since jr. high (they weren’t that good) but anytime I’m feeling especially emotional a poem is usually created. I’m not so confident writing stories but I have a collection of half used journals, I make lists, I write myself reminders… Really anything to get my thoughts out of my head is a tool. Writing allows me to go back and visually look at what I’m thinking and tell myself “Handle your scandal, Roxanne!” or “Girl, you’re tripping!” or something that will allow me to release that energy and move forward in a more positive direction. I encourage writing.


I love dancing. I’ve shared that with you all before too but it doesn’t have to be dancing it can be anything active. I personally love to turn my music all the way up and it can be something slow and soothing or upbeat and thumpin and I’ll just sing and dance in my room by myself. lol The ultimate stress reliever. I also love my aerial yoga work outs and going on hikes so whatever gets you moving and feeling good is a good idea.


ANYTIME my heart is racing or I’m not at ease I practice deep breathing. I haven’t mastered meditation yet but even if I’m on the go I can stop for a quick second and take a few deep breaths and I’ll feel more calm. I don’t know the science behind it, but it’s what I do. lol


Prayer stops me in my tracks. It calms me down and mid prayer I usually end up reminding myself that I’m part of so much more than my current situation. I kind of have a pattern of prayer in which I thank God, ask God for guidance, and then send prayers out for others. It’s not super structured when I’m actually praying but that pattern allows me to:

  • Express gratitude. Once I find one thing to be thankful for it becomes a ripple effect and it can be the simplest of things. After a long day I can be thankful for my bed and then I’m thankful for the house and then I’m thankful for my mom who provides this house and then my grandparents and then all of a sudden I’m thankful for the first human beings that decided to have babies and OH MY GOD we’re all brothers and sisters! (you get it)
  • Be vulnerable and reflect on myself: I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Pride is good but being too proud to ask God (or the Universe or whatever/whomever you believe in) for help seems like a problem to me especially when you need it! I reflect on how I’m feeling and I ask for what I want. Usually at that point I backtrack and ask God to give me what I need. I ask for guidance; that a door of opportunity might open for me and that I have the strength and wisdom to take advantage of that opportunity. I also ask for forgiveness. And not just forgiveness from an outer God but forgiveness from myself. I ask for the strength to let go of whatever pain or sadness I hold against myself and the courage to learn and grow! Things to that effect..
  • Pray for others: So many times I find myself caught it these moments of “my world is ending” but lets be real, my world is only beginning. I think it’s okay to feel “negative” emotions and sit in them for a little bit and allow yourself to really feel and process them, but being overly dramatic isn’t cute. So, I take the last part of my prayer to pray for others partly because I know people who are struggling more than I am, partly because there are people I love and when you love people you should pray for their well-being, and partly because no matter how much prayer you may need or deserve, there’s always enough prayer to go around. It never runs out! So I end every prayer with “…and I send my prayers out to whoever needs it most in the world.”

Prayer. Saves. Lives.

Some things I mentioned above are kind of active but I find that most times I’m not at peace, my crazy/irrational thoughts are in control and it stresses me out so I find ways to release that stress, get out of my mind, act from a more truthful place, and switch my thoughts around. However, I think being at peace is more than just being stress free. I think it’s a mindset, a state of being. Because of that, I think it’s important to stay consistent with things that calm you and keep you in the right mindset. I also think that enjoying each moment is super important when finding peace. Living in the moment is something I’m trying to practice; believing that each moment is how it is supposed to be and that we don’t need any more or any less than what this moment has provided. And when you feel at peace, soak it in! Don’t discredit it, don’t make it less than what it is! Remember how it feels, how it came about, who you’re sharing it with whether it’s family & friends or nature or your sacred space… And be GRATEFUL for it! AND be grateful and appreciative of the work you put in to create your moments of peace! You deserve it!


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