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#30DaysOfGratitude Day 10: #Mentor

Day 10: #Mentor

Happy Thursday Everyone!! So, today is my Friday and I just got a book I’ve been wanting called In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney and I’m staying caught up with #30DaysOfGratitude and I’m about to tell you about one of my favorite people in the world so I’m really feelin’ this moment right now and I don’t want it to pass so I’ll get started…


That guy is Eugene Shang. He’s actually pretty popular in the world of College/University Housing but he’s a mentor of mine that has been such an important part of my growth and sanity but has also seriously made an impact on so many lives and he’s beyond humble and he’s just an amazing guy. Side note: I don’t know where I’m looking or why my face is like that in the picture but it’s the only one I had. Anywho, it’s story time…

I actually met Eugene while I was busy breaking the rules. I was a freshman at the time and my roommate and I decided we were going to throw a little (but loud) party in our room. We had done it before (jk Eugene) so we were like “Eh, no biggie, lets do this!” It was over winter break and there were only a couple girls that stayed for break so we invited them because we’re nice and let them know that even if they didn’t come we were gunna have a party and our RA was supposed to be gone for the night so it seemed like everything was good to go! Well, our RA forgot something in her room and when she came back to get it she obvs heard the noise and we obvs didn’t hear her, drinks had been had (it was a dry campus btw), and she came knocking on our door only to have my roommate slam it in her face. Long story short she had us dump out all the alcohol she could find, write us up, kick everyone out, and we got sent to a disciplinary hearing.

I. was. freaking. out.

I’m not a rule breaker. I actually like following the rules. So to get written up and have to go to a hearing was the death of me. I was thinking worst case scenario and trying to come up with an excuse with my friend via text but mistakenly texted my RA, it was all bad. Little did I knoooow, Eugene is a master…uh…he’s a master…. lol I can’t think of the word right now but basically what happened was I went into the hearing thinking I was going to get suspended or kicked out or something to that effect but Eugene flipped it and hit me with “Since you throw such great parties why don’t you throw parties for all of housing! You’re joining the programming committee!” lol. I definitely was not expecting that but it ended up being one of the greatest ‘punishments’ ever. I joined the programming committee with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and got hooked. Over the next 3 years I worked my way up to being the president of the RHA, I was able to travel for free with them, I met my bff through RHA, looking back it really was a blessing in disguise.

Eugene was/is the RHA advisor so we kept a close relationship throughout my time in school helping me navigate college and push me to challenge myself and take things to the next level and we still keep in touch now. He’s kind of all knowing so back when I was in school I would go to him for EVERYTHING and he’d be like “I know, I was just waiting for you to come to me when you were ready” and then he’d blow my mind with some wise wizard magic empathetic advice and now he’s mainly responsible for encouraging all my crazy dreams and ideas. He always asks me when I’m going to open my own bakery, he’s a resource for resources, he’s always trying to help and point me in the right direction, and he’s always, ALWAYS a voice of reason. I’m an emotional girl and he gets that but like I said he’s a master….flipper and can flip any situation on top of its head and figure out how we can all benefit from any situation. I freakin’ love Eugene. I think every human being should have a Eugene. Really really.

So Eugene, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU so much for everything you’ve done for me and all the students before and after me and for still caring to be a part of my life now even though I’m over 4 years out of college. You’re the greatest and deserve more than a blog post of appreciation but hey, it’s the best I can do on a Thursday night at 9pm. A million times, THANK YOU!

And to everyone else reading this, if you have a mentor, thank them! They don’t have to be in your life giving you advice and guidance so a genuine thank you is the least you can do. Mentors are such blessings and I really hope one day I can be a mentor to someone too. Happy Thursday again! Goodnight!


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