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#30DaysOfGratitude Days 8 & 9 #Freedom & #ThingsThatMakeYouSmile

I didn’t mention it in the last post but I’ve been in a little bit of a funk the past couple days so this morning I told myself I was going to write myself out of it. So far, it’s working. lol The last post got me feeling much better so I’m just going to jump into the next 2 days and we’ll be all caught up.

Day 8: #Freedom
It’s Election Day

A part of me wants to go on and on about the freedoms we have and don’t have living in America especially since Day 8 fell on election day and a part of me wants to talk about how freedom is more of a mindset than a physical condition. I think I’ll touch on both…

I’m so grateful to live in America. I’m even more grateful to live in California. Compared to some other places in the world, I think we have a lot to be thankful for. However, I feel like the older I get the more aware I become and as positive as I try to be, there are so many freedoms that are being denied to so many people. I’m not usually the one to post on social media about my stance on issues or movements because I’m well aware that I don’t have all the information and it tends to get pretty heated, but I think I can tell when humans are being hurt by other humans and how that has a ripple effect on me and some of the people I care about and an effect on just people in general. Maybe they don’t see it right away but every action we take has a reaction and even though you’re not directly affected by certain things, witnessing it and just knowing it can have just as much of an impact. And THAT is what I struggle with most. I don’t normally label myself and if I did I’d say I’m American. I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents were born here, in fact my great grandparents were born here. And I think I forget sometimes that as “American” as I am, not everyone see’s me as that based on how I look. Again, I’m grateful to live in California where I don’t really stand out and where we’re more liberal and accepting, but what if I didn’t? What if some of my closest friends didn’t? THAT is what I struggle with. It kills me inside that while here in California I have so many opportunities, there are people IN OUR COUNTRY that don’t. People that are literally trying to survive. People that are denied rights or whose rights are threatened every day. And most days, I don’t know what to do. Some days I don’t know how to help and I don’t know where to turn. I’m not the confrontational type and I don’t always see eye to eye with protestors but most days I feel like something has to be done. P.S. If you have any resources or ways to help I’m all ears (or eyes?), just leave it in the comments.

As far as freedom being a mindset, I’m definitely on that wave. I think I’m my own worst critic. I hold myself back, I have irrational fears, and probably more insecurities than I’m aware of but breaking through that and tackling them one by one has been beyond liberating. I’ve never felt more confident, more powerful, more beautiful, more love, more honest, more proud, than I do right now. And for THAT I am truly, deeply grateful. I’m nowhere near perfect and there’s always work to do but that’s what life’s all about: growing and learning and evolving and it’s so wonderful!

So for the freedoms we have, the freedoms we work hard for and look forward to, and the freedoms we award ourselves I am so grateful! And I’m glad I was able to get a little more introspective for the last couple posts. I like talking about “things that matter” but I’m also glad that day 9 is a little bit lighter…


Day 9: #SomethingThatMakesYouSmile
Too many things to pick 1!

I feel like I’m smiling all the time even though so many people have told me that I remind them of April from Parks & Rec, Daria, or some other mono-toned, dry-humored character. (insert side eye emoji here) Anywho, the hardest part of some of these gratitude topics is choosing one thing to write about. So, I’ve decided since it’s day 9 I’ll give you 9 things that make me smile in no particular order:

  1. My shoes. A little materialistic I know, but I love shoes and my collection makes me proud and I like having options.
  2. Surprises! I. LOVE. SURPRISES. Whether I’m a receiver or a giver, surprises are always great!
  3. My bff Chelsea. Actually ALL my friends make me smile but I know that I can always count on Chels to say or do something to make me smile/laugh. JK. Lol. Love, Rox.
  4. Adventures. I love going on adventures. Not alone though. Whether we hike or explore the city or go to some random event or whatever, something new is a time well spent.
  5. Dancing! I think I love dancing as much as I love surprises. Can you imagine a surprise dance?!?!?! I die.
  6. The Ellen Show. lol. Or Family Fued. Or really any funny show/movie. But Ellen gets a gold star cause she does so many great things!
  7. My Family! 99% of the time they make me smile. The other 1% I’d probably say something like “they’re annoying” but it really is all unconditional love.
  8. Chocolate! Chocolate cake, chocolate pastries, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM, chocolate candy…really anything chocolate and almost all pastries will make me smile.

Ugh, that 9 was too easy! There’s so many more but I guess that just means I’ll have more to post about in the future. A bonus: blogging and being caught up on #30DaysOfGratitude makes me smile.

So grateful*! Great! Great! Great!

And in the words of someone great, “Just be Great!”

*Grateful being spelled grateful instead of GREATful makes me crazy. #notgreatful

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