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#30DaysOfGratitude Day 3: #FamilyMember


Day 3: #FamilyMember


Okay, okay let me start with a disclaimer that I have plenty of family members that I love and am grateful for (aka all of them) but I saw this little bundle of love today and I think a few of us family members would argue that she’s one of our favorites.

Some background information, I’m the first girl (of the cousins) to be born and 5 & 6 years after I graced the world with my presence, my two little girl cousins were born and then 12 years later our little gem Eliana was born. #WelcomeToTheClub #IStartTrends I live for these girls. Since the time I could comprehend my place on the totem pole, I’ve tried to be a role model for these girls and I really hope I’ve done a good job because I absolutely love my little queens.

Alright back to Eli. I’ve always wanted a sister and even though I have 2 girl cousins before her, Eli was born when I was a senior in high school so I was able to babysit and change diapers and actually take care of her and remember most of her life so it was a little different. The summer after she was born I spent almost every day at her house helping to take care of her and giving her mom a break. One of my favorite things about her is she’s always made crazy faces. Even as a baby…

Another thing I love is that she marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s a “tomboy” to the max. I’m sure she wouldn’t say so, she’s just…her. She loves super heroes and video games and action figures and is a little daredevil that likes sword fighting. She’s really the dopest. She wants to work for Microsoft and make video games…she’s 8. lol. She’s also ridiculously creative. She loves drawing and crafting. One day she disappeared into the garage and everyone was like what is she doing in there? She came out with a Ghost Buster’s pack made out of a cardboard box, a pool noodle, and string. She also drew the logo on the box. Like, who thinks of that? lol It’s amazing to see her grow and put her crazy smarts to use.

I’m so grateful for Eliana because she keeps me on my toes, she keeps me young, and she breaks so many molds that there seems to be for girls and she doesn’t even realize it. She does her own thing and this little 8 year old inspires me to do my own thing too. She’s my fav and she really is a work of art!

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