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#30DaysOfGratitude Day 1: #Home


So, I’m taking on the #30DaysOf Gratitude challenge and using it as a daily prompt for the blog! So lets get right into it…


Day 1: #HOME
Grandma & Grandpa’s Home

Now, don’t get me wrong I am absolutely grateful for the home my mom worked so ridiculously hard to buy and the one in which I live, but this post, my friends, is about my Grandma and Grandpa’s home. My Grandparents moved into their house in 1961 on Christmas Eve for an insane amount of $16,000 with a $500 down payment. (I die) That wasn’t really important but every time I hear that, it blows my mind. lol.

When my Granny walked into this house she told my Grandpa that this was the house she wanted to live and die in. And, she did. Last year Granny died in her home; the home she raised 4 kids and 9 grand-kids in, hosted countless parties that she threw just so she can cook for her friends, taught me how to bake and cut coupons, and of course the home my Grandpa worked day and night to pay for ($109/month…I cannot). I lived with my grandparents until I was 14. This is where there’s always food in the fridge, a bed to lay in (even if it’s a blow up mattress), and everyone has a key so there’s usually always someone there.

Fun Fact: One of my favorite memories while living at Granny’s is Treasure Hunts! My mom would come home with surprises like a new Disney movie and she would draw a treasure map of the house with all these fun things to do and at the end was the pirate’s booty! Sometimes she would switch it up and make an obstacle course but either way they were great!

So, for all those reasons and more, I am beyond grateful for this HOME and all the love and people and memories that fill it!!

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