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#mcm: Christen & Dopetistic

Coming off of a great weekend, it’s time to celebrate #ManCrushMonday!!

When you live life Unbound, you crush on all the great things in life. On Mondays we crush on the men in this world who are hustling, making moves, bringing their passions to life, and inspiring others to do the same! This #mcm is dedicated to one of my best friends: Christen “Dopey” Robles and his event hosting company Dopetistic Events.


For as long as I can remember, Christen has been the life of the party committed to showing any and everyone a great time with the dream to become a club owner. Fast forward about 10 years and he’s turned his passion into an entrepreneurial venture and has kept the party poppin! Maybe clubs or EDM and hip hop music aren’t really your thing, but you can’t knock the hustle.

So, really, why is he our man crush?

  1. He turned his passion into a business and is doing what he loves
  2. He also works full-time in an HR Department – the daily grind.
  3. He’s committed to creating something special and bringing people together
  4. (the best part) He loves working and collaborating with people who are passionate about what they do whether its DJing, art, managing, promoting, production, etc. Creating opportunities for people to do what they love is part of the vision.


To elaborate on that 4th point, collaboration seems to be the backbone of Dopetistic. Whether we were talking about what motivates him, inspires him, or the biggest thing he’s learned, aside from strong branding, collaboration was repeatedly brought up. The importance of working with people, asking for help, recognizing it can’t be done alone, they all involve creating a network of talents. Even when I asked him about how he feels about his competitors, he said they motivate him because he recognizes that they’re passionate and have love for the same thing which naturally draws them closer. Not only can they come together and create bigger events for more people but he looks to see what he can learn from them. It’s the idea that everyone can win and I think that’s amazing and says a lot about who he is. He inspires us to do what we love and that there’s room for everyone to be successful!


At the end of the day, whether you’re a party goer or a party planner, the DJ or the photographer, you’re welcome to create memories with Dopetistic. If you want to see more, do more, or get involved you can find them on Facebook, Instragram, and on their Website. So, to Christen and Dopetistic, we’re crushing! And we’re so proud of all you’re doing!! Thanks for being our first #mcm!



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