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**In Oprah voice** IT’S FANCY FRIDAAAAY!!!

Friday’s are always good days. You feel so accomplished getting through the week and even if you work weekends, there’s just something about Friday’s that gets everyone on the same page. You know your friends are going to be down to kick it, or you catch a movie with your S/O, or you eat out instead of making dinner. It’s great! Well, I’m about to make your Friyays even better because I’m introducing you to…


(insert red dress dancing emoji here)

Fancy Friday’s are all about looking fancy!! I’m definitely a girl who enjoys make-up, having nice hair, getting mani-pedis, buying cute clothes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes…
I mean, who doesn’t like things that make you look great? But really, it’s more about “When you look great, you feel great!” and that’s what I’m here for: FEELING GREAT!

Fancy Me!

Speaking of feeling great, I’ve been sick this past week but the magic of Friday had me feeling much better when I woke and even though I’m not all the way better, I got fancy anyway in celebration of this post.

I can’t take all the credit for the creation of Fancy Fridays. In fact, it didn’t even start as “Fancy Friday”. Gather around the campfire for some story telling…

Fancy Koreny

Once upon a time when I worked crazy hours (like 2 am) in a bakery, I had a co-worker turned friend named Koreny (don’t call her that) who decided she was going to wake up extra early …er late?…to do her make up on Fridays. She named it Lipstick Fridays and encouraged everyone who worked there to wear lipstick every Friday! It was great except that half of us didn’t wear lipstick and it was really weird just wearing lipstick without any other make up. So our other co-worker turned friend, Smash (don’t call her that), started telling us how fancy we looked and long story short turned Lipstick Friday into Fancy Friday. It was literally put on our calendars to remind us to come in full makeup at 2am every Friday and the rest is history. I credit Koreny for my love of make-up and introducing me to lipstick #cuuute and I credit Smash for reminding us to keep the tradition alive even after she left us for Oregon #tear.

Fancy Smash!

So now we share the tradition with you!

It’s Friday, get Fancy! And really you can get fancy however you want! We had a uniform and hat that we had to wear so makeup was our way. But you can wear the ballgown you bought at Macy’s cuz it was on super discount, or the cute sweater your grandma knitted for you, or maybe you want to get a new line up with designs in your hair, whatever! Just do/wear whatever makes you feel FANCY and rock it! But always remember, the real fancy is inside of you!


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