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#tbt: Jellybeans

Happy #tbt!!

I recently watched a movie called “Me Before You” (suuuuuuch a good movie!) and there’s a scene where the girl tells the boy her favorite outfit when she was little was a pair of bumble bee tights. It got me thinking about some of my favorite clothes growing up and really there’s a million reasons why I would love to go through my old wardrobes! Sometimes I’m looking through pictures and I have to stop and ask my mom “Why would you ever let me wear that?!?!” and she says that I insisted on dressing myself and wouldn’t have it any other way. But there are some really great pieces that I wish I could get back (and fit) in my life.

Why mom? Why??

So, almost 5 years ago I remember Googling Jellybean shoes because I desperately wanted a pair. I also wanted some ruffle socks (which I got thanks to my bff Chels) but I could not find Jellybeans in my size anywhere! On top of that, the few that I could find, were not the cutest colors or styles so I thought my hopes and dreams of being a grown woman that wore Jellybeans and ruffle socks were over. Little did I know that I’m a #trendsetter (jk) and 90s fashion was going to make a major comeback and Jellybeans would be available in the masses to all the 20-something-year-olds looking to run the opposite way of adulthood. P.S. I wonder if middle/high schoolers think this is cool “new” fashion and are completely unaware that we’ve kind of stepped into a time machine and ended up in the 90s. Anywho, I finally got around to finding my perfect pair of black Jellybeans and made my wildest dreams come true. **Drumroll please…


I’ll admit that I don’t wear them as often as I thought I would, buuuut just knowing that I have them is totally worth the, like, $20 I spent on them. Growing up I had multiple pairs in various colors; I think my favorite was the clear purple sparkly pair. I don’t know why I have such fond memories of them when they would make your feet smell soooo bad and the blisters were the woooorst! I don’t know, I guess I just think their super cute now and just the right dose of nostalgia. Some of the best posts these days are the ones that talk about all the great 90s/early 2000s things that bring up so many memories of a childhood forgotten….(sigh)
So I’ll ask you, what was your favorite outfit or piece of clothing growing up??

Cheers to my first Throwback Thursday post and here’s a combo photo for you…

Ruffle socks meets Jellybeans meets Michael Jackson vibes. Cuuuute!




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